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Johnny's last full UK-recorded release. Produced by Cory Knowland (Oregon, USA), building on the musical partnership that began as they served on the Luis Palau Praise Team that toured internationally. Also Johnny's last full album of original songs until 2021.


Drums: Rich Holland

Bass: Cory Knowland

Keyboards: Steve Thompson, Laurie Blackler

Guitars: Johnny Markin

Violin: Kim Lara

Backing Vocals: Howard Williams, Suzie Williamson, Joanna Holland, Hannah Middleton, Kenny Snyder, Carey Knowland, 

Irish Whistle: Vanessa Partridge

Engineer: Dan Bowater at dB Studios, Lincoln, UK.


1. I Want To See

2. You Make My Feet (To Dance Your Praise)

3. Restore My Should Prelude

4. Restore My Soul

5. Settle My Mind

6. More Than Treasure (One Name)

7. I Believe In Angels

8. Lead Me To Your Heart

9. Holy Breath Of God Prelude

10. Holy Breath Of God

11. Come To The Pilgrim

12. Creation's Morning (Instrumental)

13. He's The Lord Of Hosts/Flood This Heart*

* - appears as an uncredited hidden track (it was a 'thing' to do back in the day... an Easter Egg kind of thing.

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