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Released October 15, 2021

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Born out of the changes of life and career forced on him by the COVID pandemic, this album represents a journey back into the artistic circle for Johnny. Working remotely across borders, even continents, with friends from throughout his musical journey, these songs (written mostly during the dark days of lockdown) reflect the sense of hope that faith engenders when rooted in the eternal promises of God. Ancient creeds and texts of Scripture tell the story of trusting God through dark times as we await to emerge from the dark night of the soul into the glorious Light Of Day!
(Artwork: Brian Kauste)

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Light Of Day features a return to Johnny's energetic electric sound alongside his classic acoustic-driven songs of faith. Long-time colleagues Cory Knowland, Matt Yarema, and Suzanne Thiessen feature alongside the likes of Ryan McAllister, Steve Thompson, Crystal Hicks, and Angie McLaughlin among others to create a collection of songs that are filled with memorable hooks, singable melodies, and infectious rhythms. (photo: Alluvium)

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Drums: Matt Yarema, Jay Stewart, Dan Koning
Bass: Cory Knowland, Jeremy Friesen, Harold Wiens, Canyon Lewis, Bryan Wilson.
Keyboards: Nathan Bosch, Lyndon Toftager, Steve Thompson, Andrew Geddert.
Additional Guitars: Tyler Wright, Ryan Sawatzky.
Vocalists: Suzanne Thiessen, Todd Wickens, Crystal Hicks, Brad Steeves, Susie Williamson, Dave Bell, Howard Williams, Grace Kendrew, Angie McLaughlin, Sally Powell, Jennifer Prather, Kevin Myers, Jill Ford, Ron Clark, Brian Lintott, Regan Hiebert, Jonathan Van Dyke, Joleen Van Dyke, Jeri-Leanne Kemsley, Aaron Bartlett.
(photo: Luke Vandevert)

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