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Light Of Day is the title track from Johnny’s comeback album. Meshing energetic guitar and synth hooks with a driving rhythm, the song explores the trials of walking through the darker seasons of life, buoyed by the hope of trusting God’s never-failing promises. The song reunites Johnny with long-time colleagues Cory Knowland on bass (Restore My Soul) and Suzanne Thiessen on vocals (No Frontiers). Inspired by the long days of lockdown our world has had to endure, the song offers up a prayer that we might be able to lean on Jesus through challenging times as we await to emerge from the dark night of the soul into the glorious Light Of Day!

with Northview Community Church


Written and performed by Johnny, this song was nominated for Praise & Worship Song of the Year on 2005, this live version was originally released by Northview Community Church on Hear From Heaven, but consequently lifted and released on Integrity Music's Global Worship Now completion.


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